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A Roundup of the Craziest Lottery Stories in the Known Universe

powerball ticket
Jun 2017

The Absolute Best Commercials Ever Made for the Lottery

Take a look at our roundup of the absolute best lottery commercials of all time. Watch these fantastic ads and you will start feeling that lotto fever!
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make a difference
Oct 2016

3 Heartwarming Stories About Lottery Winners Who Gave Back

While most lottery winners spend their newly found wealth on themselves, these lottery winners have made a difference for the less fortunate.
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Callie Rogers lottery winner
Sept 2016

3 Cautionary Tales About Lottery Wins Gone Extremely Bad

These three lotto winners have managed to lose their millions for good and their stories should give you an idea of what not to do after winning the lottery.
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lottery syndicate
Nov 2016

The Biggest Lottery Syndicate Winners of All Time

Syndicates are an excellent way to increase your chances of winning the lottery. These winners are the best proof that syndicates work.
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Apr 2016

When Luck Strikes Twice for Lottery Winners - Multiple Winner Stories

While most people dream about winning the lottery, these lucky players have managed the impossible and they have won twice. Find out their amazing stories!
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disappointed lottery players
Apr 2016

Three Very Disappointed Lottery Players Who Came Close to Winning

These lottery players came overwhelmingly close to winning but in the end, it seems that they were just not lucky enough. Take a look at these incredible stories!
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lottery money
Feb 2016

7 Ways In Which Your Lottery Outlet Is Taking Advantage of You

Have you ever felt that you are getting the short end of the deal when purchasing tickets from your local lottery outlet? Here’s what you need to look out for!
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winning the lottery
Jan 2016

The Magic Formula for Winning The Lottery – Myth or Reality?

Most players have their very own rituals for playing the lottery, but there are some techniques that could actually make a difference.
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lottery ticket
Jul 2015

The Craziest Places Ever To Put Your Lottery Tickets for Safe Keeping

Losing a winning lottery ticket can be quite the tragedy, so it must be kept safe at all times. Here are the craziest places you could put your tickets.
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