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Buy Lottery Tickets Online from South Africa

Playing the lottery has never been easier! You can now buy lottery tickets online from South Africa and play lotteries such as Powerball, South Africa Powerball or France Loto from the comfort of your own sofa. allows you to access a wide list of lotteries from various countries. Lotteries from all continents are available to you from either your computer or mobile home. Once you buy your ticket online our local agents purchase the tickets on your behalf from authorized retailers. We scan and add the ticket to your account before the draw takes place, so you are all set to win jackpots even as big as $1.58 billion. It only takes a ticket to win any lottery you wish to play!

Everything you need to know about buying lottery tickets online from South Africa


How Do I Buy My Lottery Ticket Online?

Buying your lottery ticket online is as easy as choosing a favourite lottery from the above list and clicking on the Play button. That is simply all you need to do. As you can see, the list of lotteries is extensive and offers you a very wide range of lottery games to choose from. It is entirely up to you which lottery you choose to play or how many lotteries actually, as it doesn’t have to be only one.

You can choose by jackpot value or prize divisions or odds of winning, whatever you feel is best for you. For example, if you buy a lottery ticket online for US Powerball you are playing for the biggest jackpot. If your online lotto ticket is for France Loto then you are in for 1:6 odds of winning or if your online lottery ticket purchase is for EuroJackpot  you’re in for 12 prize divisions.

You may be wondering if it’s safe to use our platform and it is a perfectly valid question. The safety of your data is our top priority so rest assured theLotter South Africa is safe to use. 

What Are My Options When I Buy My Lottery Ticket Online?

Buying lotto tickets online gives you access to some amazing additional options that can increase your odds of winning the lottery and make it more fun. Here are some of the various ways you can enhance your game with:

  • Syndicates – allow you to play as part of a group of players who gather their money and buy tickets together when you buy your lottery ticket online. This way you have increased odds of winning. When your syndicate wins theLotter South Africa will notify you and make sure you receive your prize. Each player owns a share in the winning proportionate to the amount of money they contributed to the syndicate.

  • Bundles – offer you the best of the two worlds. If you haven’t made up your mind whether to buy your own lottery ticket or be part of a syndicate why not choose bundles that can offer you both individual tickets with numbers of your choice and a share in a syndicate. Any personal entry win that comes as part of the bundle will be entirely yours whilst you receive a share of the Syndicate winnings.

Should you decide that buying individual lottery tickets is the way to go for you make sure you check out all the different ways you can play:

  • Systematic form allows you to buy lottery tickets with all possible combinations of your favourite numbers. Your odds of winning are increased by entering the game with a large number of tickets and it can make a big difference at the end of the day.

  • Quick Pick automatically generates your numbers selection for all lines. If you choose not to select the numbers yourself then you can use this feature that will generate a random set of numbers for you.

  • Subscription is the best way to play if you are a passionate lottery player. Subscribe to if you never want to miss a draw. When you are an avid player and you buy loots of lottery tickets online, your subscription will bring you every 10th ticket for free so let lottery playing become part of your routine.

  • Multi-Draw packages allow you to participate in a pre-set number of draws and can bring you a discount up to 25% depending on the number of tickets you choose.

What Happens after I Buy My Lottery Ticket Online?

Once you’re done with your online lottery ticket purchase you will receive a confirmation and then your ticket appears in your account. If you win, we will immediately notify you through theLotter alerts system. You can also check for yourself on theLotter results.

As there is no lottery winning fee you need to pay to us, the entire prize is yours. Apart from the local taxes, there is nothing deducted from your prize. You might need to go and collect the prize yourself if you are a big jackpot winner, otherwise, all other winnings are transferred directly into your theLotter South Africa account. We are always there to help and support with anything from ticket purchase to prize claiming so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It really is as simple as this to play the lottery online from South Africa so don’t let that play button wait for you any longer. Good luck!