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 How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online

How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online

When you play the Austria EuroMillions online on theLotter South Africa, you have to choose five main numbers from a guess range of 1 to 50, and then, two additional numbers called Lucky Stars from a guess range of 1 to 12.

Choosing your numbers is extremely easy. All you have to do is click on the numbers that you want to play, but if you want the computer to choose them for you, then you can click on the Quick Pick button. We also provide our players with the option of saving their favourite numbers to their account to make it even easier to choose.

Can I Play Austria EuroMillions from South Africa?

Can I Play Austria EuroMillions from South Africa?

On theLotter South Africa, you can play the Austria EuroMillions from South Africa, as well as many other of the biggest lottery games in the world. All you have to do is create an account on our platform and then you can play US Powerball, USA Mega Millions, Spain EuroMillions, or any other exotic lottery you want.

After you purchase your ticket for the Austria EuroMillions online, our local agents will buy a ticket on your behalf from an authorized lottery retailer. Then, you will receive a scan of your ticket in your account on the platform so that you can check that we’ve purchased the exact numbers that you have chosen. Click here to find out more about how theLotter works.

 When Do the EuroMillions Draws Take Place?

The Advantages of Playing Austria EuroMillions Online

When it comes to the EuroMillions, the absolute most important advantage boasted by playing online is the fact that you get to play the game from South Africa. theLotter is safe and secure, so you can always rest assured that your tickets are properly handled.

Another crucial advantage is being able to play from the comfort of your own computer. All it takes is a few clicks and you can play one of the biggest lotteries in the world. And if this is not enough, then let us tell you about the excellent gameplay options you have available on our platform. You can opt for systematic forms, syndicates, or bundles and actively increase your chances of winning the lottery.

How to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

How to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

When playing the Austria EuroMillions, your main aim is to guess all the five main numbers and both the Lucky Stars and scoop the first prize in the game. The starting amount of the jackpot is €17 million and with every draw where it is not won, it gets bigger and bigger.

According to the EuroMillions rules, the jackpot can get as high as €190 million. This is the established jackpot cap and when the prize reaches this amount, there are four more draws that follow. If on the forth draw there is still no winner, the €190 million prize will be split among the winners of the second prize.

 Boost Winning Odds

How to Boost Your Winning Odds in the EuroMillions

On theLotter, you have some very valuable options for increasing your odds of winning the lottery. If you want to be a EuroMillions winner, then try out the systematic forms on theLotter. These will let you play all the possible combinations of 6 to 10 numbers so that you can try out every single option for the win.

If you want to get a better price for entering the game with a large number of tickets, then you can play syndicates. On theLotter, you can purchase shares in EuroMillions syndicates and boost your odds of winning the amazing prizes in the game. However, if you can’t decide between syndicates and regular tickets, then we suggest you try out bundles, which offer you the best of both worlds and all for a very affordable price. .

EuroMillions SuperDraws

What Are the EuroMillions Superdraws?

The EuroMillions lottery hosts some special draws from time to time, which offer players the chance to win a jackpot of at least €100 million, no matter the amount it had reached before it. EuroMillions Superdraws are just like regular draws, except for the amount of the jackpot.

The first Superdraw was held on April 20th, 2018, and it offered a huge jackpot of €130 million. As for the upcoming Superdraw, it will be held on September 21st, 2018 and it will also bring a amazing prize of €130 million.

 The Amazing EuroMillions Raffles

Do You Want to Enter the Österreich Bonus Raffle?

Some of the countries in the EuroMillions family also host some very special raffles along with the lottery draws. The Austria EuroMillions hosts the Österreich Bonus raffle, which comes with a special €100,000 prize. On theLotter South Africa, You can also play France EuroMillions and your ticket will automatically enter you in the My Million raffle, which grants one lucky ticket-holder the chance to win €1 million.

The UK EuroMillions also holds the Millionaire Maker raffle, which comes with a £1 million prize. The third EuroMillions lottery to host a raffle is the Spain EuroMillions, whose El Millon raffle promises a €1 million prize to one ticket-holder who has the drawn unique code on his ticket.

EuroMillions Winners

Latest News About the EuroMillions

Are you sad about summer coming to an end? Then let us give you a great reason to look forward to September! The EuroMillions is having a Superdraw on September 21st, 2018! That means that there will be a huge jackpot coming up, so get excited!

The EuroMillions officials have announced that the first prize for this Superdraw will be a whopping €130 million. It only takes guessing 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars to win this fantastic fortune! So, don’t miss out! Buy your EuroMillions tickets on theLotter South Africa and you could be the next multi-millionaire!