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Play the UK EuroMillions Online

More Information about the UK EuroMillions and the Millionaire Maker Raffle

How to Play EuroMillions

How to Play UK EuroMillions Online

When playing the UK EuroMillions online, you have to choose your five main numbers for the game from a guess range of 1-50. Then, you have to choose two additional numbers, which are called Lucky Stars, from a guess range of 1-12. This is all it takes to enter the UK EuroMillions.

On theLotter South Africa, you can select your numbers for the UK EuroMillions manually by simply clicking on the ones you want to play for each line. If you want to let fate decide for you, then click on the Quick Pick button and you will get a random combination of numbers for the game. If you have some lucky numbers that you play regularly, you can save these to your account and use them as often as you like.

When Are the Official Draws of the UK EuroMillions?

When Are the Official Draws of the UK EuroMillions?

The UK EuroMillions draws take place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, at 20:00 GMT, which means 22:00 in South Africa. Remember to get your tickets in due time before the draw closes so that you have all the chances of scooping the prizes.

OntheLotter South Africa, you can also subscribe for the UK EuroMillions, which will earn you every 10th ticket free of charge. If you choose to become a VIP member on our platform, you can enjoy a series of discounts of up to 20% on your lottery purchases.

Save on EuroMillions UK Tickets Online

Can I Play UK EuroMillions from South Africa

Of course you can, on theLotter South Africa. Playing the UK EuroMillions has never been simpler because you can do so from your computer or mobile device. All you have to do is choose your numbers, buy the tickets on our platform and we will take care of the rest. All you have to do is to lie back and think about the things you would do or not do with the money.

One of our local agents in the UK will then purchase the official EuroMillions ticket on your behalf. You can rest assured that you are the only legal owner of the ticket, as well as the prizes it could generate. You will also receive a scan of your ticket in your theLotter South Africaaccount soon after it is bought. Find out more about how theLotter South Africa works here.

How to Win the EuroMillions UK Jackpot

The Advantages of Playing UK EuroMillions Online

When you play UK EuroMillions online, you can put in your tickets in just a few clicks. But that is not the only advantage you get! On theLotter South Africa, you also have some amazing gameplay options available that could boost your odds of winning significantly.

Try out systematic forms, which let you play every possible combination of 6 to 10 numbers of your choice. This could earn you quite a pretty penny in prizes. Aside from that, you can try out the syndicates, which make it easy for you to enter the UK EuroMillions with a large number of tickets, all for a very affordable price. Try out our EuroMillions syndicates, and you could join a select club of syndicate winners..

How to Claim EuroMillions UK Prizes at theLotter South Africa

How to Win the UK EuroMillions Jackpot

To win the amazing UK EuroMillions jackpot, you will have to guess all the five main numbers drawn by the lottery officials, as well as both the Lucky Stars. This will earn you one of the largest prizes in the entire lottery market. Starting form a minimum amount of £15 million, the UK EuroMillions jackpot will then increase with each rollover.

The maximum amount that the EuroMillions jackpot can reach is €190 million, as per the official rules of the game. This is the equivalent of approximately £168 million. When the jackpot reaches this amount, there are four consecutive draws where the first prize stays at the maximum amount. In the event there are no winners for the first prize on the fourth draw, the entire amount will be split among the winners of the second prize-tier.

All about EuroMillions SuperDraws

All about EuroMillions SuperDraws

Occasionally, the European lottery organizes special draws called SuperDraws. They are special draws offering a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million (about £90 million), but otherwise they are in no way different from the regular EuroMillions draws. A SuperDraw can be won from the first time around, or can result in a roll over, case in which the jackpot grows until it reaches the jackpot cap of €190 million.

Last year's EuroMillions SuperDraws took place on June 30th and on September 15th, 2017.These special draws made a good number of notable winners from the various EuroMillions countries. Francisco Delgado Rodriguez became one of the most famous lottery winners in Spain after scooping the SuperDraw jackpot on the draw of Friday 13th May, 2011. The British winner Neil Trotter made the headlines a few times for his extravagant purchases. The upcoming SuperDraw is scheduled for February 23rd, 2018.

The Millionaire Maker Raffle

The Millionaire Maker Raffle

This is one of the most notable perks of the UK EuroMillions. Without having to guess any of the winning lottery numbers, each ticket earns you the chance to win a £1 million prize in the Millionaire Maker Raffle. Every UK EuroMillions draw is followed by the Millionaire Maker raffle draw. Each UK EuroMillions ticket automatically enters players in the raffle. A unique 9-digit code, made up of 3 letters and 6 numbers (AAA000000), is printed on each ticket at the moment of purchase. The lottery officials randomly select two winning codes on every single draw, which makes the raffle well worth your attention. You should know that on theLotter, you can also play the Spain EuroMillions and the El Millon Raffle.

The Fabulous Mega Week in the UK EuroMillions

The Fabulous Mega Week in the UK EuroMillions

On special occasions, the UK EuroMillions hosts the Mega Week, which features as many as three Millionaire Maker winners for both the draws set for that week. During this special lottery event, the Millionaire Maker prizes come accompanied by some extravagant non-cash prizes. The winners also stand to win a first-class trip to an exotic destination for them and their friends.

Imagine becoming a millionaire overnight and getting a luxury celebration trip to go with it! So, don’t miss out on the fabulous perks of the Mega Week! It is a unique raffle! While EuroMillions tickets purchased in Spain automatically enter players in the El Millon raffle, and when playing EuroMillions in France you will also stand a chance to win the €1 million prize offered by My Million, the Mega Week stands out because its prizes are all that more appealing.

Latest News About EuroMillions UK Players

Latest News about UK EuroMillions Winners

Excellent news from the EuroMillions! On February 23rd, 2018 Europe’s biggest lottery is hosting another SuperDraw. This means that you are well worth saving the date because the jackpot will go up to a mouth-watering €100 million.

Another big part of this special event is the European Millionaire Maker raffle. This will offer as many as 25 prizes, each worth £1 million. On February 23rd, you could become a millionaire even if you don’t match the five main numbers and the Lucky Stars. So, put in your EuroMillions ticket on theLotter South Africa and take a chance on the February 23rd SuperDraw!