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How to Play SuperEnalotto Online from South Africa

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How to Play Italy SuperEnalotto Online

Italy SuperEnalotto is fun and easy to play, and you can win the Jackpot just by choosing your lucky numbers either doing a manual selection or the Quick Pick solution. All you need to do to play Italy SuperEnalotto online is buy your ticket and choose at least one combination of six numbers between 1 – 90. The SuperEnalotto offers 6 divisions of prizes so even if you don’t win the Jackpot there are other winning combinations.

A single ticket must have at least 5 lines and you can always boost your chances of winning by playing a systematic form. You can also increase your luck by playing SuperEnalotto online with lottery syndicates and bundles! If you play often, then Multi-Draw and Subscription is definitely the way to go, so check these options out when you choose your Italy SuperEnalotto lucky numbers. The draw takes place three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 19:00 GMT. Make sure you purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets before the deadline.

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Play SuperEnalotto Online with Superstar

On top of the main 90 numbers, when playing the Italian lottery, you can choose an additional number, called SuperStar. This number can also be from 1 to 90 and is chosen from a different range than the main ones. SuperStar adds 8 more prizes, in addition to the 6 offered by SuperEnalotto. SuperStar can boost the jackpot by €2 million as well as multiply the secondary prizes.

Every Italian lottery uses the Jolly ball, a bonus number that decrees the 5+1 prize, drawn alongside the main winning numbers. The Jolly is not required to win the jackpot but can help boost wins with exciting secondary prizes. The 3rd prize (Match 5 + Jolly + SuperStar), for instance, will get a €1 million boost compared to SuperEnalotto's Match 5 + Jolly. Go here to play Italy SuperEnalotto online with the SuperStar option and increase your chances to win the Jackpot.

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Can I Play SuperEnalotto from South Africa?

Of course! You can play SuperEnalotto online from South Africa as well as every other big lottery in the world, including the US Powerball. Buying SuperEnalotto tickets has never been easier. You need to be over 18, create an account on theLotter, choose your preferred lottery, and go for it.

We will purchase your SuperEnalotto lottery ticket for you locally, then scan and attach it to your account, so we are constantly in touch with you. We will even check the winning numbers and notify you by email or SMS. You can also check it yourself via your theLotter account. Here is how our service works, what we do to purchase your SuperEnalotto ticket for you.

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How do I claim My Italy SuperEnalotto Prize?

If you have the SuperEnalotto lucky numbers, we will notify you instantly. Secondary winnings are transferred directly into your theLotter account after the results are published and the prize money has been received from the official lottery operator.

Bigger prizes may require personal collection in Italy. Prizes up to €100 are tax-free; prizes above that amount will be taxed by the Italian government up to 12% of the wins. Here is a complete guide as well as all the details you need to know about when you win the Jackpot so go ahead and start playing Italy SuperEnalotto online and be one of our winners.

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Italy SuperEnalotto Winners on theLotter

SuperEnalotto’s record jackpot currently stands at €177.8 million, and was won in 2011, after 9 months of rollovers. The numbers that delivered this awesome jackpot were 4, 26, 40, 54, 55, 67 & Jolly 41.

However, this is not an isolated situation. On October 27th, 2016, a single player from Italy took home €163.5 million. It was a perfect win, since he had spent less than €5 on his ticket. The third largest SuperEnalotto jackpot dates from 2009, when it climbed to a staggering €147 million. Back in 2013, A.K. from Latvia played SuperEnalotto online on theLotter South Africa and won 74 prizes in one draw. In total, he received a whopping € 578,080. How is this possible? The secret is that A. K. chose the systematic play option and entered the draw with all the combinations of his numbers in different lines. Another of our players, a VIP Gold member, took € 47,000 to Belgium in his very first months of play.

Our winning situations are all amazing and surprising and the winning prizes vary, check out some   Mega Millions, US Powerball  and even Spain EuroMillions  lucky players which became the biggest syndicate winners of all times.

Here you can read some amazing inspiring stories about our winners. Do you want to be one of our winners? It’s so easy! Just purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online and keep your fingers crossed for the lucky numbers.