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About Playing New Zealand Powerball Online with theLotter South Africa

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How to Play New Zealand Powerball Online

Playing New Zealand Powerball online is always a good choice as it is one of the most exciting lotteries out there. It is as easy as selecting six numbers from a range of 1 – 40 and one Powerball number between 1 – 10. You can choose your numbers manually or go for a QuickPick random selection. Online you can play a minimum of 5 lines having quite a few options available. Before you submit your lucky pick, check out all the options that can boost your chances of becoming the fortunate prize-winner.

You can go for NZ Powerball syndicates which will allow you to play with a group or choose bundle which means you can have both a personal entry and a share in a syndicate. Playing with the group means you have to share your winnings, but most importantly, it means there are that many more chances for you to win in New Zealand Powerball jackpot.

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When Does the New Zealand Powerball Draw Take Place?

The New Zealand Powerball draw time happens twice a week, Wednesday 22:20 South Africa time and Saturday 10:00 South Africa time. Make sure you have your ticket in your account by that time, which means you need to play online in time for us to purchase the ticket locally, then scan and attach it to your account.

At the same time don’t forget to take advantage of the discounts available to you with multi-draw and subscriptions. With a subscription, you receive every 10th ticket for free, while multi-draws bring you discounts from 15% for 5 draws or 20% for 10 draws and so on. You can check all this out on theLotter South Africa.

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Can I Play New Zealand Powerball from South Africa?

You most certainly can! The beauty of theLotter services is that you can play New Zealand Powerball, as well as any major lottery in the world from the comfort of not only your own country but your own sofa. Go online to find and play New Zealand Powerball, the US Powerball or Australia Powerball. You can use our website or download our mobile application, available for iPhone, iPad and Android

If you are over 18 years of age go ahead and create an account and start playing. We purchase the ticket for you locally in New Zealand when you choose to play NZ Powerball and we attach it to your theLotter South Africa account. You then have visibility of your ticket and can rest assured you're all set for the winning once the luck strikes. We do not charge any commission on the winnings so when you play and win the New Zealand Powerball lottery online with theLotter, the entire winning is yours. You can read more about how our service works right here.

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TheLotter’s Big New Zealand Powerball Winners?

Our most famous winner yet is V.K. from Russia. In 2013, he played New Zealand Powerball on theLotter South Africa and won the amazing prize of NZ$ 226,101. He had joined our platform only a month before the big win. V.K. went for a NZ Powerball subscription, which gave him every 10th ticket for free. What really helped him win was an 8-number systematic form. The 28 lines he played won him the second prize of NZ$ 142,857 together with other prizes amounting to NZ$ 33,000. Our winner took the time to explore theLotter online and discovered the best strategies to play and the services he could benefit from playing the New Zealand Powerball online.

The year after, P.L. from New Caledonia was another player to choose the systematic form when playing the New Zealand Powerball online. This brought him a lovely prize of approximately NZ$ 15881.88. His winning as well consisted of a sum of various NZ Powerball prize divisions, more precisely a large 4th division as well as 27 additional prizes. Check out all our platform has to offer as you never know which option will put you on our hall of fame next.

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New Zealand Powerball Prize Divisions

It is one of the lotteries with the largest number of prize categories. There are 14 amazing prize divisions. Out of all of them, seven divisions require the Powerball number. At the same time, this New Zealand lottery also selects a 7th ball from the main drum as a bonus number. This alone contributes to three out of six Powerball prizes and gives a boost to further three prizes on its own!

The prize division is mainly what makes the New Zealand Powerball stand out. The array of prize divisions also increases the odds of winning which makes it that much more inviting. This lottery has systematically brought big wins to new players, so check out our tickets page to see what theLotter South Africa platform has to offer and take a chance on a life-changing chance.

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New Zealand Powerball Jackpot and Odds

Playing New Zealand Powerball online can bring you a jackpot of NZ$ 5 million and a jackpot cap of NZ$ 50 million. Whenever that cap is reached, a "Must Be Won" draw takes place. If there isn’t any ticket to match the six main numbers and the Powerball in the “Must Be Won” draw, the prize money rolls down to the next highest prize division with winning tickets.

The New Zealand Powerball odds are incredible. For the 1st prize, we have 1 in 38,383,800 and for the second prize 1 in 6,397,300. You can check out all of them plus more details right here. This fantastic prize division display together with the many options to play alone or with others make it for a very worthwhile attempt to try playing the New Zealand Powerball online.

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New Zealand Powerball vs the US and Aussie PowerBall

Playing the New Zealand Powerball is similar to the US and Australia Powerball, but it sets itself apart through a few specific details. Both the New Zealand Powerball and the Australian one use the same 6+1 numbers pick, while the US Powerball has a 5+1 system. The New Zealand Powerball has an additional bonus number and a 1-10 Powerball guess range, while the Australian one is 1-20.

The NZ Powerball though stands out because of the 14 prize divisions, even if the jackpot is considerably smaller overall. Out of the three lottery games, the US Powerball is by far the most famous one as it comes with the largest jackpots. Though it is always very tempting to go for the big jackpot, such as the one the US Powerball has to offer, always consider playing the New Zealand Powerball as well since its winning odds are by far higher. Check out the full list of lotteries available on our website and decide which one suits you best and will turn you into the next Jackpot winner, why not the next millionaire!