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How to Play South African Powerball Online

How to Play the South Africa Powerball Lottery

When playing the South Africa Powerball, your main aim is to guess all five of the main numbers from a guess pool of 1 to 50 and the bonus Powerball number from 1 to 20. This will earn you the big jackpot, which is worth a minimum of R3 million.

The jackpot record for the South African Powerball is a staggering R145,469,799, which amounts to almost $10.8 million, before taxes. This amazing prize was won on August 3rd, 2018. Aside from the impressive jackpot, players can also win secondary prizes. Guessing all five of the main numbers entitles players to 13.33% of the prize pool, which is the second prize.

The third prize is worth 9.36% of the prize pool and it goes to the players who get four out of the five main numbers and the Powerball. Even guessing the Powerball only will earn players a symbolic R10 prize, which is meant to encourage them to keep playing.

Play South African Powerball Online

The Advantages of Playing the South Africa Powerball Lottery Online

Since this Powerball lottery is based in South Africa, you can purchase your ticket from local retailers. However, playing South Africa Powerball or South Africa Lotto online brings about some amazing advantages. Playing the lottery online is extremely convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Another amazing advantage of playing online is gaining access to some tempting discounts. You can subscribe to the South African Powerball on theLotter South Africa so that you never forget to submit your ticket again and every 10th ticket you purchase will be free of charge. You can also sign up to play in advance for a pre-determined number of draws with a Multi-Draw package, which will bring you discounts of up to 25%.

When does the SA Powerball draw take place?

When does the SA Powerball draw take place?

The official Powerball South Africa draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 SAST. They are broadcasted live from Johannesburg on Channel SABC2. As soon as the numbers are confirmed, you will be able to see them in the results section of theLotter South Africa.

But, when play online on theLotter, you have the option of subscribing to our results alerts service and get the winning numbers by SMS or email. In case you won a prize, you will also get a notification from us.

Claim Your South African Powerball Prizes

Claiming Your South Africa Powerball Prizes at theLotter

Yet another significant advantage of playing the South African Powerball online is the fact that you are entitled to the entire amount of your winnings. theLotter platform does not impose any taxes or commissions on your prize money.

Moreover, if your winnings are under $2,500, the money will be automatically wired to your account. As a theLotter client, you will receive timely notifications regarding your wins. If you are one of the big South African Powerball winners, then you may have to collect your prize in person, but we will offer our guidance every step of the way.

How will I get my South African Pwerball Prize?

How Can I Be Sure I Will Get My South Africa Powerball Prize?

When you play the South Africa Powerball online, you are the only official owner of the lottery ticket even if you are not purchasing it in person. Our local agents will represent you and they will buy your ticket for you.

This makes you the only owner of the prize generated by your lottery ticket. To find out more about how our system works, you can read our Terms of Use. theLotter is the leading platform in the online lottery market. Along the years, we have had millions of satisfied customers on our websites and we have paid over $50 million in prize money to over 1 million lottery winners, which is the best possible assurance we could offer you.

The Advantages of Playing South Africa Powerball

The Odds of Winning South Africa Powerball

Compared to other lotteries, the South African Powerball offers players far better odds of winning. In fact, the odds of winning the 6th tier prize are at 1: 165, which is extremely impressive. The 6th tier prize is worth 6.94% of the total prize fund, which amounts to quite a lot of money.

The odds of winning the South Africa Powerball jackpot are 1:42,375,200. While this may not sound very appealing, compared to 1: 292,201,338, which are the odds you have to face when you play US Powerball online, it is a far more achievable goal. So, take a chance and play the South Africa Powerball online and maybe you will be one of the lucky winners.