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How to Play Lotto UK Online

How to Play UK Lotto Online from South Africa

Wondering how you can play UK Lotto in South Africa? Great Britain’s oldest modern lottery game, UK Lotto is easy and fun to play, especially when you buy your tickets online: you can choose six lucky numbers from a guess range of 1-59. Then, our local agents will secure your official UK Lottery tickets, which will then be scanned and uploaded to your account before the draw has taken place, as part of the See Your Ticket Service.

On theLotter South Africa, you can purchase UK Lotto tickets with 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25-lines. You can choose your numbers manually or use the automatic selection method (Quick Pick). Once you have a set of lucky numbers, you can save them to Lucky Numbers for future use! Visit our How it Works page to find out more.

How to Play Lotto UK Online

When Do the UK Lotto Draws Take Place?

The UK National Lottery organizes two draws a week for this game: on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 22:00 GMT. This means 12:00 AM in South Africa. Wondering how to play the UK Lottery from South Africa? All you have to do is go to theLotter, choose your numbers and we will take care of the rest.

And with theLotter’s alerts services, you don’t have to interrupt your daily activities to watch the draw or check results. As soon as the official results are published by the UK National Lottery, you will get an SMS or the email with the results. When you play UK Lotto online from South Africa on theLotter, you also get notifications about any wins, big or small.

How to Play Lotto UK Online

The Grand Jackpot in the UK Lottery

When you play UK Lotto online, your main goal is to match all the six numbers and win the jackpot. The UK Lottery offers some of the biggest payouts in the entire market, so don’t miss your chance to hit that big jackpot! When the UK Lotto jackpot gets to a minimum of £22 MILLION, the amount of the prize has reached the cap.

If there are no winners on the cap-draw, the amount will rollover for only one consecutive draw, when the UK Lotto jackpot must be won. If there are no jackpot winners still, the amount will be shared among the winners of the following-tier prize.

Lotto Raffle

All about Millionaire Raffle in the UK Lotto

When you play UK Lotto online in South Africa, for each and every UK Lotto ticket you buy, you also get an automatic entry to the Millionaire Raffle, which distributes a supplementary range of prizes. The Millionaire Raffle was introduced to the UK Lotto in 2013, but then, in October 2015, the raffle rules were changed.

Now, the raffle makes one brand new millionaire on each draw. A £1 million prize (before taxes) is awarded to the ticket holder who matches the 12-digit winning code of the draw. Aside from that, each draw comes with 20 prizes worth £20,000. Keep in mind that when you play UK Lotto online, you have the chance to win both the grand jackpot and the Millionaire Raffle.

Save on Lotto UK Tickets Online

Play UK Lotto Online and Boost Your Odds of Winning

When you play UK Lotto online from South Africa, you pay a service fee on theLotter, but the winnings are entirely yours. As an added benefit, theLotter also offers multiple ways for you to cut costs when buying official UK Lotto tickets, while also enjoying other special offers. With Multi-Draw packages, you can benefit from discounts that go as as high as 25%, while also securing tickets for the following 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws.

If you subscribe to UK Lotto, you will get every 10th ticket free! Moreover, our VIP players benefit from discounts of up to 20% on all purchases. If you want to boost your odds of winning a lotto jackpot, you can play UK Lotto online with a systematic form, which will allow all your 7-10 numbers to stand a chance of winning. A systematic form consists of all possible combinations of your 7-10 numbers, resulting in a total of up to 210 lines.

UK Lotto Syndicates

Play UK Lotto Online As Part of a Syndicate

When you play UK Lotto on theLotter, you have the option of joining an online syndicate. This allows you to enter the draw as the owner of a certain quota in a large number of tickets. Not only do you stand better odds of winning the lottery, but you also pay less as you don’t have to pay the full price of all the tickets on your own.

There are different types of syndicates, all aimed at improving the participants’ odds of winning. Find out more about syndicates here. Like the idea? Here is an even better option: if you want to benefit from the best of both worlds, you can play with a bundle package that contains an individual ticket and syndicate shares.

Latest News About National Lottery UK Lotto

Latest News About UK Lotto

Exciting news from the UK Lotto! On January 20th, 2018, there were two ticket-holders who matched all the six main numbers and won the big £17,2 million jackpot. Each of them will get an equal share of £8.6 million, which is an excellent start to the new year. The winning numbers for the January 20th draw were 2, 10, 19, 28, 29, and 31 and the bonus ball was 47.

Aside from the two pot-winners, three other players who got 5 of the 6 lucky numbers and the bonus ball took home the second prize worth £27,270. There were also as many as 290 players who won the third prize worth £296. If you want your very own chance to win the UK Lotto, get your tickets on theLotter South Africa! The upcoming draw is just around the corner. Good luck!