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Play Loteria Nacional Extra Online

Once a month the Spanish National Lottery organises the Loteria Nacional Extra raffle. This lottery is usually associated with a special event which also appears on the printed tickets. The Spanish raffle prize pool starts at €84 million and can go up to €105 million. Since this special raffle has over 37,000 possible prize combinations you don’t want to miss it, especially if it’s for a good cause as well. Find out all about buying your Loteria Nacional tickets and take part in these special draws.

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Everything about playing Loteria Nacional Extra Online


How does the Loteria Nacional Raffle work?

The Loteria Nacional is very popular and very easy to play. The tickets you see above already exist, they have been previously printed, and they come with a five-digit number from 00000 to 99999. Since the system produces only 100,000 unique ticket numbers, each ticket is printed in 10 copies and each copy is divided into 10 shares("décimos"). The copies are organised into so-called series (“serie”). Then the series is identified on each ticket by a series number. This way the Spanish National Lottery organisation is able to sell more than 100,000 tickets each year numbered from “Series 001 Ticket 00000” to “Series xxx Ticket 99999”. After the division of the 100,000 tickets, there are 10 million “décimos” available for purchase.

Remember that the 5-digit ticket number is the one drawn in the raffle! Once you choose one from the ones listed above then use the - / + buttons to select how many shares you play online out of the available ones. Each sub-ticket is entitled to 10% of any prize that the ticket has won. The shares you purchase become your property, you are their legal owner. You will be able to view a scanned copy into your account and you will also be notified instantly if you join our free alerts system. Buy at least 4 shares and receive a discount on theLotter South Africa.

Can I Play Loteria Nacional from South Africa?

Definitely yes! As a matter of fact we encourage you to play Loteria Nacional online from South Africa! Playing this Spanish raffle online with theLotter South Africa is both fun and safe as we take care of everything for our customers. You need to be over 18 to be able to create a player account on theLotter South Africa.

Our local representatives in Spain will buy the tickets from official retailers, scan copies and put them up on the site so you can choose which number you want to play and subsequently how many shares. Make sure you check Loteria Nacional Extra results page to see how the draw went. If you win we will support you all the way and since theLotter does not take any commission on the winnings, the entire prize is yours! Familiarise yourself with our website, see what we do and try your luck at one of the most famous raffles out there!

Why Choose to Play this Spanish Raffle?

These special raffle events are usually dedicated to a good cause, so what better reason to choose this lottery? You can have fun and also join others in supporting humanitarian or charitable organisations or simply use this way to give back to the community!

Apart from this, the Loteria Nacional Extra comes with some pretty extraordinary odds of winning. This Spanish lottery is famous for its numerous prize division! Basically, 1 in 3 players is guaranteed to win something! With its more than 37,000 prizes, the raffle aims to give a prize to as many players as possible rather than pulling a big amount into a single prize. Lotteries such as US Powerball or US Mega Millions are the ones that focus on one big prize rather than a large prize division. Read all about the good causes supported each month, choose your favourite number and take a chance at this popular lottery raffle!

Loteria Nacional History and Curiosities

It was back in 1973 that the first Spanish raffle took place thus being one of the oldest ones. It was called “Lotería Moderna”, The Modern Lottery, in order to distinguish it from others such as La Primitiva. The raffle has been a good cause supporter form the very beginning, some of the projects it started funding back then are still going on today.

After each draw, the students at San Ildefonso display the numbers on big blue boards and for the Christmas raffle they actually sing the numbers which is now a well embedded Spanish tradition. The Christmas raffle is a very popular event, broadcasted live on TVE, Spanish TV channel. The draw takes place every year on December 22nd and it lasts the entire day. This lottery event has turned over the years into a national ceremony rather than a simple lottery draw. Fábricia Nacional de Moneda y Timbre is responsible for making and spreading the winners list. The big winners are known soon after and they become famous instantly, because all of them have to do an interview on the national radio.

The Next Loteria Nacional Extra Draw


The month of August is going to be hot! The Spanish raffle Loteria Nacional will hold yet another draw on August 4th, 2018. This will be dedicated to the 82nd International Descenso de la Sella. The total prize pool for this special draw will be worth €84 million, which is a very good reason to play. Get your Loteria Nacional shares from theLotter and take part in this fantastic event!

The Previous Loteria Nacional Extra Results

The previous Loteria Nacional Extra draw was held on July 14th, 2018 and it was dedicated to the Colegio de Huérfanos de Hacienda. This Sorteo Especial de Julio had a huge prize pool of €84 million. The first prize was worth €1,000,000 and it went to ticket-holders from Murcia and Asturias who had the lucky number 86867.

Then, the second prize of €250,000 went to ticket-holders from Barcelona, Madrid, Asturias, Lleida, and Valladolid. These lucky Loteria Nacional players all had the number 90602 on their ticket. The third prize in the Loteria Nacional of €50.000 went to players with the number 52899. They were from Malaga, Barcelona, Burgos, Baleares, Santa Cruz, Girona, and Granada.