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Why theLotter South Africa is Safe, Lottery Scams Uncovered!

Being able to play the lottery online may seem too good to be true, too easy to be real. Most probably the first time you heard somebody saying this was possible, that it was something you can do just from your computer or mobile phone you must have thought, no, it’s not real, is theLotter safe? Is the Lotter legit? Is theLotter a scam?

They are all perfectly valid questions, we all have questions in the face of something new. Allow us to answer them and put your mind at ease. theLotter South Africa is safe, we are a well-established, legitimate business, we have customers from all over the world, we provide access to world lotteries and all you need to do is sit back, choose a lottery or two and give your lucky numbers a try!

theLotter Scam or Not? No, Here’s Why theLotter Is Legit!

theLotter has started its activity back in 2002 and is administered by The Lotter Enterprises Ltd with head office in Triq Il-Furnar, Qormi QRM3506, Malta. We offer an online lottery ticket purchasing service thus offering customers the possibility of acquiring tickets to various lotteries around the world. We employ teams at over 20 local office worldwide which purchase official lottery tickets from official retailers on our customers’ behalf.

We have millions of players, our platform is accessible internationally, we have paid over $85 million in prizes to over 3.4 million winners globally. The easiness of using our worldwide lottery service is now popular in many countries and our reputation speaks for itself.

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How Safe Really Is theLotter South Africa?

Making and maintaining theLotter a safe and secure service is our top priority. Each customer’s personal and payment details are encrypted with Geotrust SSL bit security system. These details can only be accessed with a username and password.

Therefore, all communication between your browser and our platform is completely secure so you can make any necessary deposits and withdrawals without any concern. When you browse our website, you can see the Secure Sockets Layer lock symbol at the top of the page in the address bar and this is another guarantee that theLotter South Africa is safe.

Why Does theLotter South Africa Charge Service Fees?

When you play the lottery online you purchase your tickets at full price plus a service fee for the online platform. The service fee you pay when you play online is the only revenue we receive. Basically, we are a ticket messenger service. We purchase official lottery tickets on behalf of our customers mirroring the exact numbers and lines they select. We do not charge more for tickets, do not resell existing tickets or sell them at a higher cost

Once you have purchased your tickets you are subject to no further costs. If you win when you play online with theLotter, you receive the full amount without having to pay any commissions to theLotter. We do not charge any additional fees on the winnings.

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How and Where Can I See My Tickets?

Once you have purchased a ticket on theLotter one of our local representatives will go and buy the official lottery ticket for you. Your ticket will be scanned and attached to the My Account section on our site. The scanned copy will relay the numbers you have chosen to play with and the unique serial code on your ticket as a proof of its authenticity.

We are committed to scan and attach the ticket to your account before the draw takes place. Though we do not send tickets by email, the legal agreement, the proof of purchase and the scan of your ticket are the confirmation the tickets legally belong to you and theLotter South Africa is safe for you to use. Go to theLotter FAQ page for more details should you have further questions.

Is theLotter South Africa Transparent?

Sure is! Our website provides complete information about how theLotter services operate. Every stage of the ticket purchasing process is explained in detail, so you are aware of what happens every step of the way. Your account displays every step we take for you and every transaction you make, all this info is accessible to you at any time.

You can also find an FAQ section with detailed answers, information about how theLotter service works, lottery draws results and odds of winning, precise guidelines on how to play, South African lottery winners as well as international winner stories and pretty much every piece of information we thought you might want to know. Explore theLotter South Africa and familiarise yourself with us and what we offer as it’s very important for us to make every aspect of our operation as transparent as possible.

Do I Receive the Full Prize if I Win?

You most certainly do! If you win when playing the lottery online, you receive the full amount of your prize. According to local tax laws, your prize may be taxed accordingly in the country where you choose to play. The money you receive is the total amount of the prize after tax has been deducted.

The prizes are paid by the official lottery operators, so you receive your winning as soon as they credit the amount to your account. We publish the results right away, therefore you find out immediately if you are the big jackpot winner. Check out theLotter guide to lottery tax for individual lottery tax details.

Is theLotter South Africa Taking Money from My Prize?

Absolutely not! The most important thing each of our customers needs to remember is that they are the sole owner of the ticket. theLotter has no legal claim to the tickets you buy online with us. We have never had a single complaint to suggest otherwise.

Our entire activity is organised to deliver the full amount of lottery prizes to our customers, thus maintaining our reputation of world-leading online lottery ticket purchasing service. Our impeccable track record shows winning players get their money and every theLotter reviews shows theLotter South Africa is safe to play.

Has Anybody Ever Won with theLotter?

Over the years, theLotter has made many big winners and has delivered millions of dollars in prizes, even more reasons to have a categorical answer when asking the question theLotter scam or not? Definitely NOT! One of our largest wins is M.M from Iraq who won the $6.4 million Oregon Megabucks jackpot. His story, including how he purchased his tickets and chose to stay anonymous when he won, was widely popular, even The New York Times wrote about it. Another big winner with theLotter is P from Quebec who played the US Powerball from Canada back in 2016. He didn’t manage to get his hands on the $1 billion jackpot but won the second prize that brought him $1 million.

MM winner

More millionaires on theLotter are B.U. from the UK in 2012, H.V. from El Salvador also in 2016, then another $1 million prize when to G in Australia. We also have a lucky Euromillions winner, I.K. received €489,777 when he won the 2nd prize in 2013. Another avid player is G.R. from Russia who scooped several prizes over the years, including €144,240 playing EuroMillions in 2012.

How Can I Withdraw My Money if I Win?

Anytime you decide to withdraw your winnings these are available to you. You will find your balance in your theLotter account. You can use the balance to buy more tickets or you can simply withdraw the money. You can benefit from the payment methods listed in your account or simply choose bank transfer.

If at any point you are credited with bonus money you can only use them on our platform to purchase lottery tickets. The bonus money is available to you for 6 months unless specified otherwise.

We hope the information provided on this page has answered your questions and has assured you the services provided by theLotter are fully legal and completely safe. Should you need further details feel free to contact our support team. We are happy to assist you at all times.